Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is is a complex platform that is oriented towards creating opportunities for festivals organizers, official festival partners, auxiliary service providers and other industry representatives from all over the world as well as for all potential participants.

  •  What are the objectives of is oriented to:

1. Offer possibilities to festival organizers to share their events centralized on one platform.
2. Suggest perfect options of children’s festivals for parents.


  • What is a children’s festival?

Children’s festivals are the events that focus on children as the main participants, offering different types of activities like music and dance competitions, film screening, crafting workshops, art and book fairs, clown shows, painting faces, etc. These festivals are taking place during one or a few days in a certain location or in open space.


  • Where can I find festivals for my children?

We made the search of festivals as simple as possible, placed directly on our homepage. You can search for festivals according to event type, country where it takes place and the start / end dates. Also you can see the whole list of festivals according to the closest date.


  • How are festivals promoted on gives you the possibility to register your profile and add festivals on the website which will become part of the database. We also provide place on our homepage for the advertisements and banners of your festivals. Please contact us in order to find out about the terms and conditions regarding the placement of your banners of our website. Advertise your festival with us.


  • How can I become Partner of

You can register as a partner on our website. This would give you an opportunity to add festivals, edit, promote and upgrade them. You can also contact us, with your offers that we will take into consideration.


  • How can you add festivals to the website?

In the PARTNER’S section, you need to register by filling in all the fields in the given form. Activate the received link in your email. The email also contains your login information. Your account allows you to post, edit and delete the festivals. You can post your events and festivals for free on our webpage.


  • What kind of festivals categories are there on the website?

There are 8 categories of festivals, that allows you to filter the events while searching for the appropriate one.
1. Music
2. Dance
3. Street festivals and workshop
4. Arts and Crafts
5. Movie
6. Circus
7. Theatre
8. Writing competition


  • How can I receive the newsletter?

You can introduce your e-mail and name/last name details in order to receive latest updates on


  • How can I follow on social websites?

Facebook page


  • What is Parents’ Zone?

Parents' Zone is the place where you can get inspired, learn something new about your children, get some needed advice, and share with us your own experience.


  • What is Kids’ Zone?

Kids' Zone is the corner for children where they can watch and share their favourite videos. 


  • How do we add video on the website on Kids’ Zone page?

All the videos, for this time being, would be uploaded by us in order to avoid publishing any content that does not correspond to our standards. However, we are working on offering you the possibility to post videos yourselves at a later stage.
Now, if you have a video you like and want to share with others on our website, please contact us and send us a message with the link to your favourite video.

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