The magic world of reading


Our life is an endless rush, full of stress and worries; we run in a constant search of a safe shelter that would give us peace and harmony. The books are that magic place that could smooth our worries and the constant stress. As for children, they discover them out of curiosity, finding out that books hide inside a whole new world that gives them a spectrum of new emotions.

People had invented books for a reason, as the best way to pass on the information, experience and thoughts to coming generations. The history of books is long and challenging; as all new discoveries, books were not considered beneficial for a very long time. It took many written, printed and sold books before they became a common thing to have in any home.

The reading fan clubs, reading forums, literary clubs, book stores, book fairs – all of these prove how much importance people attribute to reading. Going to a book fair, where books can be touched, viewed, discussed, read, shared with other people – would be a whole brand new experience for you and your children. Book fairs, organized worldwide, give people opportunity to meet and share their love for books with others; they give the chance to see and listen to the author of your favourite books, making this experience valuable for your entire family.

It’s most probable that you have already touched upon this delicate matter of the world of books when speaking to your child. We would like to share some of the benefits of reading and a few arguments why reading is so important for you and your children.

  1. Reading enriches your vocabulary, bringing to your child’s attention unknown words, interesting phrases, idioms and grammatical usage. Also, it has been proved that reading helps improve people’s academic and intellectual background. A good reader is more likely to succeed in school or in his personal and professional development.

  2. Reading shapes your critical and analytical thinking, which is an ability to see the things hidden behind the general scene. Your children may often make interesting discoveries, analyzing the motives behind the plot of each story. This will help them build their own opinion and be able to relate stories to their own lives and experiences.

  3. Reading is definitely discovering the world around. A child’s mind is a sponge that absorbs all the knowledge. He would surely be amazed while discovering the fascinating world of books, with unusual surroundings like other planets besides Earth, a battlefield during American Civil War or the legendary Noah’s Ark. Books introduce you to the legendary characters that existed in the past, royalty in France centuries ago, or the first man to journey into outer space. Your child would get to know some famous events of the past, the crowning of Prince Charles I, or the construction of ancient Pyramids in Egypt. It’s like traveling, with the advantage of not spending money on travels. And each of these travels change your children, their visions expand, making them discover things a little more differently.

  4. Have you ever thought how imagination works while your children read, when they’re trying to figure out the things they’ve never seen? While reading children activate an important ability to project new things or personas in their mind, using imagination to put the puzzle together. This way they will have their vision about the world a little bit more expanded. Imagination makes them see unusual scenery, fictional or real characters, their actions, etc. Imagination makes them visualize many things which have been abstract and unknown to them before.

  5. Reading surely improves their focus and concentration and trains memory. Any book is like a labyrinth in which children encounter new characters, actions, new countries or imaginary worlds. In order to keep the track of the story, remember who the characters are, what they do, and what their actions are, children will learn to focus and train their memory. This process will lead to improving the concentration in their other activities.

Books relate experiences that we cannot live through because of a different time, era, country, space, etc. Books reflect the human civilizations history; they give children the possibility to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.  While reading they will learn to reflect, filter, analyze and memorize. Different genres would teach your child unique things: historical novels would reveal the knowledge about political establishments in the past (Queen Margot, by Alexander Dumas); diaries would share the author’s experience recorded on paper during the period they lived (The Diary of a Young Girl by Ann Frank); fantasy literature creates alternative or fantastic worlds that allow your imagination run wild, imagining things you’ve never seen (Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien); dramas, that show the possible or imaginative situations that usually depend on people’s reaction and perception(My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult). 

Love for reading may come naturally, or may be taught cautiously. Following your example, your child would be more likely to try this new and interesting activity, which would be a great opportunity to introduce them to the magic world of books.


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