6 tips for turning the Wake-Up Madness into Peaceful Life


It has never been a secret that people all over the planet experience number one problem in the mornings, and this is waking up. This issue gets even more complicated when it comes to children. Being in the process of developing their sense of responsibility, they find it hard to accept why it is important to wake up early in the morning, especially during the weekdays.

Morning is the key part of the day, and it is important for both children and you to start the day enthusiastically. Sticking to the idea that children are usually following parents’ behaviour, it is important to set the trend. Your words are bound to be compared to your own actions. When you show easiness and desire while starting the day, you inspire your child to undertake the same attitude towards it.

We would like to come with some possible tips that could help you experiment with motivational approaches to the whole matter, trying to consolidate your child’s development and ease your job.

  1. Be consistent in showing example. Becoming a parent means to do things you haven’t been doing before. For example, being a role model for your child in your day to day life is considered important for the relationship between you two. Once you want your child to wake up easily, you need to be strict with yourself about it. Stick to the same waking up time, keeping a few minutes for yourself, before your child is starting his day. 


  2. Give your child something worth waking up for. Think of yourself now, how easier it takes waking up in the mornings when there is a reason for that. Motivation is a strong point to consider, while making it out of bed. It might be anything – a new pair of shoes for your child, a cake she loves having with morning tea, a favourite lunch to be taken to school or a much loved show in the evening. It’s important to vary the motivational triggers, and take into consideration the preferences of your child.

  3. Create a regime. Having a fixed hour to go to bed, and a fixed hour to wake up for your child might be a strict and necessary convenience. They say that you can form any habit after 21 days of doing it repeatedly, so trying to maintain the regime on working days and give flexibility for weekend days as a treat might be a precious experience for your child. It has also been proved that a person should sleep around 8 hours for a healthy life, and keeping the regime will create a possibility to stick to it.

  4. Get everything ready in the evening, the backpacks with books necessary for the following day, notebooks, pencils, the lunchboxes, the clothing to wear and shoes to match it. The child may have the variety of choice in clothes to make in the evening, matching the colours, the shoes, the pattern of the socks, the hairdo, etc. But stick to one important rule: your child may choose from the given options before the bed time and change nothing in preferences in the morning. At least until he gets to be on time for school.

  5. Give you child choice of food in the morning. Have two or three affordable and favourite options for him. Offer choices, but don’t hand out a big variety. Stick to 2-3 options you can afford. Children who have a perspective of choosing at least their food are more likely to be motivated than children who eat what they are given or children who are allowed to grab everything they like.

  6. Only do what’s important in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, there are plenty things to do before going out, thus you have to plan every move in advance. Your child is not ready yet for that huge load of responsibility. Start compromising from here. Find basic needs to be done, like washing, dressing up, eating and maybe making their beds might be that basic chores to do every morning in order to keep everyone on time to work or studies. Don’t be excessively worried about every single element not done on time, but at the same time encourage doing the basic important things.

We don’t promise that following these rules would make your life easier just like that. Take an attitude while sticking to the simplest guiding points that work for both of you, show respect for your child and the issue, in cases when waking up in the morning starts interfering with your relationship.

Your approach should be a win-to-win situation for the whole family. That would show your care and your contribution to the issue. Work together and listen to your children. All struggles should lessen once your child’s basic emotional needs are taken into account. Seeing respect and interest, your children are very likely to relax and start negotiating even in challenging situations.

And as a parent, try to get enough sleep too.

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